• 424.000 sqm

    Total Land Area

  • 1.350.000 sqm

    Total Construction Site

  • 300.000 sqm

    Tradeable Office Area

  • 1.900


  • 103.000 sqm

    Rentable Shopping Mall

  • 760 m

    Shopping Street

  • 20.000 sqm

    Home Office

  • 25.500 sqm

    5 Star Hotel

  • 450.000 sqm

    Parking Area

  • 275

    Total Numbers of Stores



40 years of experience

Group has become one of the pioneers of branding in the housing industry with “Avrupa Konutları”, and built a total of 15 thousand houses since 2006 under this brand and under different brands. Introducing the high standards of Avrupa Konutları, and intending to render the best services to the guests after quick and quality production and delivery, Avrupa Konutları played an active role in the development of various regions in Istanbul by means of unveiling the concept of housing which has evolved in parallel with the conditions of modern city. In addition to earning customers` trust thanks to the right projects at the right locations, it also ensured high premiums with the right sales policy. Avrupa Konutları has become one of the leading brands in the industry thanks to its contributions both to the customers and the national economy. Continuing the instruction works and deliveries in 2016, ARTAS GROUP is strengthening its position in real estate industry.

Reflecting its experience in the construction industry on retailing and tourism industries, ARTAS Group has also responded to the needs in these fields by unveiling various projects. Owning a leasable area of 300.000 square meters in the retailing industry, the Group intends to increase this figures up to 500.000 square meters within the next five years. ARTAS built and has been managing shopping malls and is continuing its investments in the retail industry.

Having 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, Group has been operating hotels of international chains in various cities. With a successful performance in the fields of operation and management, the Group also undertakes the operation of hotel projects and the management of houses and Shopping Malls, all built by the Group.

ARTAS Group has been employing 7000 employees as an indicator of its contribution to the national economy and is continuing to unveil high quality houses for a peaceful life.

Founded by Süleyman Çetinsaya, ARTAS Group is taking firm steps toward the goal of creating a contemporary and modern life by means of merging its knowledge and experience of 40 years in the industry with the political and economic progress of Turkey. Group; is mainly operating in the fields of real estate development, retailing and tourism industries.



Leader in real estate

Invest Group which was founded by Bahattin Uçar in 1992 and which started its commercial activities then, has been continuing its operations in the sectors of construction, textiles and energy. Invest Group which has been continually growing via its breakthroughs in various sectors, is maintaining its activities in real estate development and contractor services by achieving great success.

Pioneering and paving the way in the sectors of its activity, Invest İnşaat is a solution partner in substructure/superstructure projects besides many housing projects it has realized. Actively pursuing its projects in the construction sector, Invest İnşaat continues the development of new projects without break besides realizing the greatest real estate projects of Turkey -such as Vadistanbul, Express24, Çekmece Gölevleri, Vadikoru, Başakport and Veliefendi.

Objective of Invest Group is to be among the pioneering companies of Turkey in its sector of activity and thereby to provide maximum value production for domestic economy and its customers.


Vadistanbul consists of 3 stages: Teras, Bulvar and Park. Developed on an area of 424 thousand sqm, Vadistanbul comprises 1.915 flats, a shopping mall with 103.000 sqm, a 760 meters long shopping avenue full of street shops, fully equipped office space of 300 thousand sqm, home offices of 20 thousand sqm, and a 5 star hotel with an area of 25.500 sqm. The total constructional area of Vadistanbul is 1.350.000 sqm…

The “Air-rail Line”, which shall be constructed as exclusive for the project that shall connect Seyrantepe Metro Station and Vadistanbul Bulvar, shall be the first private air-rail line in Turkey.